Here at Westweaves Upcycle and renewal are our speciality. Through using the beloved clothing our clients would like restoring and hunting for vintage pieces, tarnished or discarded items are skilfully revitalised through colour, concept and subject matter.

 We encourage our clients to share anecdotes, memories and interests to build a customised work that is not only unique in quality but personal. In a world where clothing quality and longevity is replaced by low-cost and disposability, we believe our bespoke pieces are timeless and will be held dear to your heart. Check out our price lists below!




  1. Bespoke jacket sourced. Applicable for Leather, denim, cotton. 
  • Sleeve: £130
  • Half Jacket: £180
  • Full Jacket: £220
  1. Bespoke jacket from your own personal collection. Applicable for leather, denim, cotton. 
  • Sleeve: £110
  • Half Jacket: £160
  • Full Jacket: £190
  1. Bespoke handbag sourced
  • Small Handbag: £140
  • Medium Handbag: £160
  • Large Handbag: £180
  1. Bespoke handbag from your own personal collection
  • Small Handbag: £110
  • Medium: £140
  • Large: £160

Please be aware price may vary on length of the piece, for example a leather coat will be more expensive than a leather jacket. 

This price list is to give you a flavour of what we can achieve. Please do not hesitate to get in touch about customisations on alternative clothing such as dresses, skirts, trousers, jeans, etc. Please email